Progressive Democrats have Moira Walsh’s back

Moira Walsh and Malcolm

On March 31 Bernie Sanders will be in Boston, but right here, right now, Representative Moira Walsh is in Providence! The Rhode Island Progressive Democrats and many other progressive groups backed Walsh’s candidacy for state representative. She won and she has not disappointed.

Every weekend Walsh is out and about, talking with her constituents. She has backed the progressive vision of college for all, the reproductive rights bill, and licenses for undocumented immigrants.

Walsh isn’t afraid to call it as she sees it and to speak truth to power, as she demonstrated when she said on the Matt Allen Show on WPRO that she believed legislators spend too much time drinking and socializing when they should be focused on their jobs as leaders in this state.

Moira Walsh has no fear. When we speak of progressives and how we wish they would legislate and govern, Walsh is a perfect example. As we continue to help her and other progressives win office it is our sincere hope that the people of RI will see that a progressive future is one that benefits everyone.

Here in Rhode Island, we have unique opportunities to push ahead with that progressive vision. We hope bills like college tuition for all, TDI/TCI and ultimately a statewide health plan will make us a shining example of a state successfully implementing progressive policies.

People like State Representative Moira Walsh will help with that vision and we enthusiastically support her.

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