Elizabeth Ward, arrested at Town Hall meeting in East Providence, is a hero

After seeing the video on Facebook of a woman being shoved around, manhandled and arrested at the February Town Hall Meeting at the East Providence High School, I was determined to find her. I called the East Providence Police to learn where and when her court date was.

When the day arrived, I arrived at the court room and asked a woman if she was Elizabeth Ward. She said she wasn’t. I started to wonder if Elizabeth was there. I asked a second woman and she said yes, looking expectantly up at me.

I said, “I came here to support you.”

We talked. I learned that she is a retired teacher of gifted students. Later she called me “a gift.”

I don’t know that I am a gift, but I was determined to do something when I saw the video of Elizabeth’s ordeal.

When I got home, I posted on Facebook:

Elizabeth Ward “stood up in front of hundreds and said what we all were thinking at the January 15 Johnston Healthcare meeting. I was there at that meeting and people around me remarked that we needed more [outspoken] people like her.

“While Representative James Langevin spoke, Ward asked why he and others did nothing about saving the Affordable Care Act for seven years, knowing it was under attack by the GOP.

“Ward was told to be quiet by an audience member because the legislators only had limited time to answer.

“I, for one, wanted to hear Langevin’s answer, but it never came.

“On February 12 Elizabeth Ward went to a Town Hall meeting in East Providence with a Rule 19 sign, to remind people of the misogynistic way Senator Elizabeth Warren was commanded to ‘sit down and shut up.’

“After the Town Hall, Ward was shuttled out of the meeting by police, arrested and had words put in her mouth (she did not ask to be arrested, as was asserted). Ward’s breast was grabbed and she was described as ‘unruly.'”

Good girls sit quietly and only speak when spoken to. They never object to anything, even if it is hurtful and wrong. Women are to stay in their places where they belong.

When will this barbarity against women end?

Elizabeth Ward stepped out of her box, but she was within her rights to do and to say what she did.

She is a heroine. She needs our support.

Here is the Facebook event for Ward’s arraignment on March 15th at 9am at the courthouse on Dorrance Street in Providence, in room 4F.

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