Photo essay: An unruly group of partisans

March 3, 2017

Representative Mike Chippendale tweeted that the people protesting House Bill 5093, which would turn local law enforcement into de facto ICE agents, “an unruly group of partisans who were out of control and ultimately removed by police for their aggression.”

Civil Rights

Newly formed immigrant coalition ‘won’t live in fear’

March 1, 2017 ykufipo

“We are also here to say that we are here to fully defend the immigrant community and that we will put our resources, our commitment, our time and our bodies in the way of the machine that would split up families. We are fully committed to this and we are going to stay doing this until we win.”


Activists demand PVD officer be fired

February 14, 2017

Some 40 people forcibly crammed into Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza’s office and refused to leave until staff personally delivered to him a petition calling for police officer Matthew Sheridan to be fired. Led by Direct


All methods of anti-Trump protests must be respected

January 30, 2017

You don’t have to choose one kind of protest or the other–you can participate in any or all with whichever methods you see fit and whatever tactics suit your beliefs. However, you should respect and support fellow anti-Trump protestors for the sake of building strong alliances and finding common ground to rely on in the future.


Memo to POTUS: Pardon ALL non-violent drug offenders

January 17, 2017

What if President Obama used his last days in office to pardon all the non-violent drug offenders in the federal justice system? According to PrisonPolicy.Org there are just over 100,000 drug offenders in federal prisons. Let’s say that