Civil Rights

Newly formed immigrant coalition ‘won’t live in fear’

March 1, 2017 ykufipo

“We are also here to say that we are here to fully defend the immigrant community and that we will put our resources, our commitment, our time and our bodies in the way of the machine that would split up families. We are fully committed to this and we are going to stay doing this until we win.”

Class Warfare

A closer look at Rhode Island’s minimum wage

February 13, 2017

Even with modest increases in the minimum wage over the previous four years, the Rhode Island minimum wage is just $0.93/hour higher today than it was seventeen years ago, after adjusting for inflation.


Hospital employees picket Lifespan sick policy

January 12, 2017

More than 100 Rhode Island Hospital employees and their supporters took to the streets outside the state’s largest medical facility to protest a Lifespan policy that punishes them for calling in sick too often. The