Jack Reed’s Town Hall that wasn’t

February 23, 2017 ykufipo

Featuring illustrations from Selene Means. As I approached, I saw that the east end of Kennedy Plaza had been transformed into a police car parking lot, with maybe two dozen officers from at least three different law enforcement agencies.


State legislature is blocking early voting in RI

December 29, 2016

Our neighbors to the north in Massachusetts have now successfully completed their first election with early voting. With over a million Massachusetts voters taking advantage of early voting, nearly a third of all votes cast,


State House protesters want to stop Trump

December 19, 2016 ykufipo

In Rhode Island, all four electors, Clay Pell, Frank Montanaro, Susan Weiner and Grace Diaz, are pledged to Hillary Clinton, but none of those protesting outside seemed to think that meant they could stay inside where it was warm.


The Democratic Party and the country need Keith Ellison

December 14, 2016

Ellison has been a champion of working families his whole life. He worked as a civil rights lawyer after graduating college. He has been one of the strongest supporters of the fight for $15. He pushed for debt free college tuition well before almost anyone else did. Most importantly though he is an experienced organizer with a proven record.


Election redux with New Leaders Council Rhode Island

December 12, 2016

Election Day has changed all of us here at New Leaders Council (NLC) Rhode Island. We have spent the last month reflecting deeply about our organization’s role in the future of our state and country. We have been asking ourselves which direction we must take in order to preserve our state’s progressive values and how we will continue to move forward despite unimagined circumstances.


The rural argument against the Electoral College

November 30, 2016

Since the election of 2016, a fiercer battle over the legitimacy of the Electoral College has ensued. A lot of the arguments for getting rid of the Electoral College have ignored an important constituency: conservative


Rhode Island needs leadership that can adapt to change

November 11, 2016 ykufipo

“As the mayor of Providence, I commit to doubling down on my efforts to advance a society that is inclusive, compassionate, and forward-thinking. I take this responsibility seriously and will address the challenges we face head-on and hope that I can count on our City and the entire State of Rhode Island to do the same.”


The colossal failure of the DNC and the Clinton machine

November 11, 2016

It was a foregone conclusion that Clinton would be the nominee. No other candidate was given a chance. The insurgency of the Bernie Sanders campaign and the nationwide movement he inspired were an unwelcome distraction in the election process leading up to the inauguration of the first female President.


Rhode Islanders react to Trump

November 10, 2016

“What we saw was a white nationalist takeover of our government,” said Mike Aruajo, the executive director of Rhode Island Jobs With Justice.”The solidarity of skin color won the day and you need to be honest about that.”


RI Future Interview: Calkin Campaign Manager Capri Catanzaro

October 10, 2016

Jeanine Calkin’s upset win over Senate President Pro Tem Bill Walaska was a centerpiece of the progressive movement’s wave of victories in this year’s primaries. For a behind the scenes look at the Calkin campaign, RI Future sat down with Campaign Manager Capri Catanzaro.


Catherine Cool Rumsey- We can do better

September 29, 2016

Unfortunately, there aren’t many “quick fixes” for the issues facing our state. However, I know that while the challenges may be difficult to solve, they are solvable. I firmly believe that, working together, we can and will put our state on a better path.


Cranston City Council candidate Kate Aubin calls on Republican opponents to denounce Trump’s hateful rhetoric

September 22, 2016 ykufipo

“Incumbent City Councilor Michael Farina made the decision to switch parties from Democrat to Republican in March, when it was already clear that the national GOP would likely be led by Mr. Trump. His failure to denounce the hate ­filled language and ideology coming from the top of his new party shows a lack of judgment, courage, and leadership.”